Say goodbye to burnout and create the path to a Boss life .

Say goodbye to burnout and create the path to a Boss Life!

Reignite your flames to Reignite your life!

An Empowering Event Designed by Women, for Women.

(Only until August 31st)

Up Sis, Up!

Here’s how you can empower yourself and rebuild your destiny!

Are you feeling burnt out and running on empty? 

Do you sense a fierce fire within you that's waiting to be unleashed?

Have you been running to save the world and losing your soul along the way? 

Sadly, you’re not alone. 

Maybe you’re like Claudia, who felt stuck in a rut. She was seeking purpose about how to move forward with her career and her health.

Or maybe you’re like Dr. Marcea herself - who dealt with a lot of performance pressure in all the roles she’s taken on in life. From being a physician to a First Lady in a church, Dr. Marcea carried the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Until she found out that you can’t give what you don’t have.

She built herself up because she learned how to care for her inner fire! She understood that her passion, her love for people, her desire to help… None of those were bad things... but in fact, they were vital to who she was and is to become. 

But unless she was able to keep her inner flames burning, all of those beautiful things could die with her.

And just like she strategically helped Claudia conquer her life back, she’s ready to help you!

You don’t have to burn yourself out! And you don’t need to hit rock bottom to learn how to reignite your flames.

Dr. Marcea has been in your shoes. She’s done the work. So you can reap the beauty.

On November 10-11, you can learn all of this yourself!

Hosted by Dr. Marcea, and accompanied by an elite panel of brilliant Girl Bosses, the Girl On Fire event will be the beginning of your new chapter of life. 

In it, you will learn: 

- how to release the pursuit of burnout.  

- how to care for your soul. 

- how to love others without expending yourself. 

- And how to reignite your flame so you can conquer your life and become a true Girl (Boss) On Fire. 

And to top it off?

Your life-changing experience includes:

🔥 Worry-free dining with delicious meals included, to foster a vibrant atmosphere of networking and connection. (Dinner on Friday and a continental breakfast & lunch on Saturday.)

🔥 A personalized workbook filled with empowering insights, actionable strategies, and empowering resources to continue your journey even after the event.

🔥 Free Parking so you rest easy knowing that parking is on us, saving you time and money. All you have to do is focus on you. 

Prepare to Attend: November 10-11, 2023

“Dr. Marcea’s Girl Boss techniques helped me to not only see the light at the end of the tunnel but also helped me to get there to see its full brightness. Thank you ever so much."

- Wanda

Cultivate Relationships & Encourage Growth

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This event is only for you if you’re ready to:

  • Reignite your Passion: Are you ready to discover how to fuel and care for your inner fire to embrace your ambitions without burning out? Dr. Marcea's own experiences can show you the way.

  • Learn From Real Leaders: Unless you don’t want to listen to women who know what you’re dealing with, and have overcome it themselves.

  • Break Out of Your Shell: We’ll go beyond just sitting and writing. You’ll have room to engage, ask questions, interact, and learn to take active steps toward your Girl Boss life.

  • Grow in a Safe Space: Whether you're feeling stuck, discouraged, or just slightly off-track, Girl On Fire will be a safe space for you to reset, recharge, and reignite your life's purpose.

Tickets for the Early Birds!

If you’re ready to escape burn out. 

If you’re willing to burn, like never before!

If you’re here to recharge your drive and become a true Girl Boss…

Book one of our 20 early bird seats, for the Girl On Fire.

Standard Price: $247

Early Bird Price: $147

(Only until August 31st)

At times we’re stuck in a place and not really sure what we need to move from that place or grow… (By working with Dr. Marcea) I was able to bust through my obstacles and accomplish the goals I had set.“ 

- Loretta

🔥 Become a Girl on Fire VIP

to be Fully Immersed in the Experience! 🔥

Upgrade to our Exclusive Flame Access - a VIP, immersive experience where you’ll enjoy all the fantastic general admission benefits, PLUS:

🔥 A welcome reception where you will connect with fellow VIPs and the speakers in an exclusive setting, building powerful connections and alliances.

🔥 Preferred seating for you to revel in the best views and a closer connection to the speakers, fully immersing yourself in every empowering moment.

🔥 Access to a Printed conference workbook so you can follow along and share your empowering journey with the world, as your story becomes an inspiration in the cherished souvenir workbook.

🔥 Curated swag bag filled with empowering goodies and gifts, a tangible reminder of your transformative experience.

🔥 Personal networking dinner with Dr. Marcea and the powerful speakers. That’s right! Dine with the keynote speakers and Dr. Marcea herself, forging invaluable connections and learning from the best.

🔥 BONUS: 1-month Radio advertisement sponsorship promotion on the MSE Network (home of Up Sis Up! Women's Empowerment Radio). Through this unique opportunity, you will amplify your voice and newly-found fire with a month-long radio sponsorship on a prominent platform, elevating your reach and impact.

And there will be more surprises!!

The Exclusive Flame Access goes beyond our standard offerings. It's designed to give you the ultimate empowerment journey, connecting you with like-minded women and providing you with exclusive opportunities for growth, networking, and exposure.

Because of this, it’ll be impossible to curate this experience for everyone.

This is why there are only 10 Exclusive tickets available.

Get yours now for only $447!

It’s taken me 30 days to complete what I had been trying to accomplish for 10 years!!”

- Anne

🔥 About your Visionary Host: 🔥

Dr. Marcea Burnette Whitaker, MD

Your extraordinary host, Dr. Marcea Whitaker, is an award-winning international keynote speaker, physician, master destiny life coach, author, and radio personality. 

But these are not what make her amazing. Her fire is! The same one she’ll be helping you reignite.

Her mission is to inspire audiences worldwide, guiding them to "boss up" in life and leadership with intentionality. As the CEO of In Full Bloom Health and Life Coaching, she's dedicated to helping professional women break free from personal prisons and unleash their greatness. 

Dr. Marcea's vision extends even further with the Girl Boss Life™ Academy, empowering women with the tools to redefine, refocus, and redirect their mindset.

And from November 10th to 12th, she wants to share those tools with you!

Dr. Marcea’s energy and her authenticity drew me to her. I have not stopped moving forward on the things I proclaimed to get done.

- Anne












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Date: November 10 - 11, 2023

Travel Dates: Arrive Nov. 10th | Depart Nov. 12th

Location: Hanover, MD 21076

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Reset your Life, Recharge your Drive, and Reignite your Fire!

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